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One of Chinese Top10 electric moped-NIU


NIU is a popular Chinese scooter brand and is founded by the former CTO of Baidu (the Chinese Google). The company has its reach in more than 38 countries in the world. It currently has 1050 stores across China. So you can imagine how big the manufacturer is.


The manufacturer has confirmed that they will surely venture into the Indian market, however, the timeline is yet to be confirmed. Nevertheless, the brand currently has six scoters in its portfolio – NQI GT, NQI Series, MQI +, MQI Series, UQI GT and UQI Series. The MQI and UOI lineup are more of an old school moped design which is not in trend in India. So the NQI lineup has lot more probability to come in India.


The NQI Series comes with the Li-ion battery which has a capacity of 29 Ah. The battery is portable so you can take to your or office and charge it, it weighs 10 kgs so it’s not that heavy. The battery takes approx 7 hours to fully charge and provides 50-70 km range depending on the driving conditions. The range is decent as now most of the electric scooters in India do offer a similar range, however, what will be interesting is its features.


The NIU brand is quite popular for offering modern features. The scooters come with all-LED headlamps, LED taillamps, smartphone connectivity, disc brakes for rear wheel as well. The smartphone connectivity app displays various scooter stats and also sends an anti-theft alert, realtime location, etc.

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